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The Show must go on

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Regency Casino Thessaloniki welcomes the new year with a glamorous show at Vergina Theater, featuring Kostas Charitoplopoulos, Kostas Bilgali, Polina, Sofia Arvanitis and Sabrina!

Direction-Choreography: Sofia Spyratou

Texts: Stelios Hadjiadamidis

Music Direction & Orchestration: Konstantinos Pagiatis

Costumes: Elena Papanikolaou

Vergina Theater at Regency Casino Thessaloniki.

22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 29th & 30th of December, 01st, 02nd, 05th & 06th of January at 21:45

EXTENDED 12th, 13th & 19th, 20th of January at 21:45

Price: starting from 15€, 1 welcome drink included

Entry to the Casino is not necessary.

The ticket price does not include entry to the casino.

Combination with Entertainment Package: + € 9

Entry over 21 & required to sign up to the casino with an ID or passport


• Entry to the Casino

• Unlimited Lunch at La Terrasse Restaurant

• Participation in draws & gaming

For further Information please call at 2310 491 234.


Get your tickets from 

  • Regency Casino Thessaloniki (24 hours a day) 
  • Public Stores
  • online here 
  • by phone calling us on 210-7234567
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