House Rules

  • The placement of the dealer's button on the table is determined at random. The thirteen cards of the suit of spades are placed face down on the table. Each player, starting with the player to the left of the dealer and moving clockwise, selects a card. After the player has chosen, the dealer reveals the selected card and gives it to the player. The dealer button is placed in front of the player with the card of the highest value. If there are just two players at the table (heads up), the small blind is placed by the player with the dealer button and this player will initiate play.
  • If two (2) minutes have passed, any player at the table, whether active or not, has the right to request "time". The player whose turn it is to act will have one more minute to make a decision. If no decision has been made after a minute, there is a ten (10)-second countdown.
  • When a new player enters the poker room and there are empty seats at more than one table of the same type, the poker room supervisor determines the table at which the new player will sit. The player may not choose at which table of the same type to sit.
  • Players can sign up for varying limits (2/5, 5/10 and so on) but not at a specific table. If a seat becomes available at one of the limits, players can still retain their place at the other tables.
  • Table and seating changes are subject to casino approval.
  • Players have five (5) minutes to present themselves in the room and take their seat at the table. If a player does not appear within this period of five (5) minutes, the next player on the waiting list will be called.
  • If a player declares an absence from the table for a specific time period (maximum of fifteen [15] minutes), the first player on the waiting list may choose to "play temporarily", which means he may assume the vacant seat at the table and either place the big blind or wait until it is his turn to place the big blind. When the original player returns to the table, he must place the remaining blind bets.
  • If a table closes and players wish to continue playing, there will be a drawing for the available vacant seats at other tables. If there are no other seats available, their names will be placed on the waiting list in the order they were drawn.
  • Should the casino decide to change the commission rate or even the type of commission, as permitted by law, players will be informed beforehand, and not during the game, through announcements placed at visible locations on each table or in the gaming room or in the poker room.
  • The betting line is assumed to be indicative and the casino retains the right to return or to consider valid cards of players who have crossed the line.
  • Actions out of turn in Heads up: If a second player undertakes a significant action (raises a bet) out of turn and the first player opts to retain his rights, the out-of-turn action is considered valid. If the first player opts to place a bet smaller than the out-of-turn raise, the second player has the option of calling the bet or folding. If the second player folds, his out-of-turn bet is returned. If the first player places a bet, it is returned. If the first player places a bet that is larger than the out-of-turn raise and the second player does not call it but instead decides to fold, the out-of-turn bets are considered invalid and remain in the pot.
  • Each player's chips must be placed in front of his position so they are visible to everyone at the table.
  • If a player, without prior verbal declaration, places two or more chips whose value is greater than the minimum bet raise, the total value will be assumed to be a raised bet. If the bet is greater than the previous one, but smaller than the minimum required raise, then: a) if the amount of the chips is greater than half the amount required for a player to raise (50% of the raise or more), the player is required to make up the difference and raise; b) if the amount of the chips is less than half the amount required to raise, it is considered a simple "call" and the player must withdraw the chips. If the bet placed is smaller than the previous one, the player must either make up the difference up to the required amount, or fold. If the player folds, the bet placed is not returned but is added to the pot.
  • Players place the blind bets they are required to place before the dealer cuts the deck.
  • Players are only permitted to have their cards, chips and a special card protection chip at the table. The special chip is placed on top of the cards to protect them and it is usually large and round. The casino reserves the right to prohibit the use of such a special chip if it is considered inappropriate for this purpose.
  • Any card which falls off the table during the initial deal will be considered a face-up card.
  • A player may elect not to reveal his cards and to return them to the dealer. The dealer will place them face down on the reject pile.
  • Any verbal declaration of intent is binding for the respective action.
  • The poker room supervisor or a higher-ranking employee has the right to receive or surrender cards off the table. They also have the right to check players' cards.
  • In the event a round of betting has not been completed and a player intentionally reveals his cards, the player's hand will be voided and the bet will remain in the pot.
  • Players are prohibited from exchanging or providing information about their cards. Violation of this rule may result in the hand being voided. In addition, players may communicate with each other during a hand only in Greek or in English.
  • The casino adheres to the "one pile per night" rule. If a player departs from the table with a specific amount and wishes to sit at the same table again, there are two (2) options:
    a) To return with the amount he held when he left, if less than two (2) hours have passed from the time the player withdrew from the table.
    b) To return with the amount required to participate based on the bet limit of the game if more than two (2) hours have passed.
  • Players may wear sunglasses and hats during the game.
  • Players are permitted to use portable music players, such as iPods or mobile phones, on the condition that they are not placed on the table, and that the players to do not use them during a hand. Mobile phones are not permitted during poker tournaments.
  • Players are not permitted to stand in the poker room.
  • All players' cards and chips must be in plain view at all times within the perimeter of the table to ensure the integrity of the game.
  • Prospective players already in the casino may sign up on the waiting list; sign-ups by telephone are not permitted for any player.
  • All players must indicate and verbally announce their intended actions (checking, calling, raising, folding) and then proceed with the intended action.
  • At tables with a bet limit of 5/10 and above, only bets in multiples of €5 will be accepted, unless a player is betting his change.
  • At tables with a 2/5 limit, only bets in multiples of €1 will be accepted.
  • To win any part of the pot, a player must open all of his cards (two for Hold'em, four for Omaha) at the same time on the table, whether they are part of a five-card hard or not, in order to claim a part of the pot.
  • In case of a showdown, where the player hands in his cards intentionally face-down to the dealer, despite having made the last move and being required to reveal his cards, he has no right to claim part of the pot, and no other player may ask to see the cards of the lost hand.
  • If a player reveals his cards to another player after the completion of the hand, the player is required to reveal his cards to all players at the table, if asked to do so. The casino reserves the right to void a player's hand if the player intentionally reveals his cards to another player.
  • If one or more cards are revealed by fault of a player, they are not voided, but remain in the game.
  • Players are not permitted to use a calculator, computer or any other electronic or mechanical device to record or determine or analyse the result or change the odds or strategy of the game. This also applies to hand-written or other notes that a player may have with him to change the odds or strategy of the game or to calculate the final outcome.
  • During a hand, players are forbidden from communicating or collaborating with one another or with third parties in any manner with the intent of influencing the outcome of the game, or from acting in a manner that compromises the integrity of the game. Such violations will result, at the discretion of the casino, in the voiding of a player's (or players') hand, in retaining bets already placed in the pot (including obligatory and blind bets) and in removal from the game.


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